Monday, May 30, 2016

Back to teaching: Community Circle, Math Rewrites and introducing some new work, and the Drake Pasta Lunch

It seems like a long time since we have been in the class.  Fortunately, for a number of students, we had the privilege of visiting Camp Wahanowin.

In this photo, we have just concluded doing a Community Circle from the adventures of last week, which may have included camp or what we did on the weekend.

We had a Math test two weeks ago, on calculating the area of a triangle.  For some students, the option of doing Rewrites were available.  Here is Kaia, completing it with the intention of improving her understanding of the material:

The next portion of the Math will look at calculating some missing variables.  A handout was sent home walking the students through an example question.  The students should read this, for homework, and be prepared to do some questions with Mr. Chung on Tuesday.

One the projects/goals for myself for this year was to develop my competency around using the features associated with Google Classroom.  I have posted a more complete copy of this note, in Word format, on my classroom site:  
You should be able to access this page, and print off the note I gave out, from this page.  It is located in the handouts and assignments section.

**update:  I will also attempt to attach the Drake Pasta Lunch form, if one was not brought home.  It is attached and named DPL in the same section where the Math handout is.