Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Providing context for the documentary on Rehtaeh Parsons

Before screening No Place to Hide:  The Rehtaeh Parsons Story, it will be important to review a few key concepts and provide some context for the documentary.  In Health class, we have been paying attention to the issue of "consent," which has been talked about in the Human Development and Sexual Health section of the new curriculum.

In addition, Personal Safety and Injury Prevention cannot be overlooked.  In the Health Curriculum, it encourages discussion and exploration around the benefits and dangers of technology and the impact of bullying and harassment.  These topics intersect in today's documentary.

Rehtaeh's Dad, Glenn Canning, wrote a piece called My Years Without Rehtaeh Taught Me That Kids Need To Know About Consent.  I posted a link to this article a couple of days ago and I was trying to think about how to set up the viewing of a documentary that was not as "light" as some of the others we are talking.  Mr. Chung suggested using this video to assist with the explanation of consent:

So, before we begin the screening, we will take a moment to connect the curriculum to this video, to the ideas and questions you may have, with some of the key messages Glenn Canning shared in his blog entry.

Tomorrow will be our final day of viewing documentaries, as part of out Hot Docs for Schools festival.