Monday, May 16, 2016

Short Review of Area of Triangle Quiz, Grade 7 Boys Reflective Health Project & the "act like a Man" box sample from the Grade 8 boys

There will be a short quiz today in the Resource Math class.  This was written on the board on Friday and all students were encouraged to write in the agenda.

This will be a short quiz, but we will have some time for review with these online games.

This is a straightforward review of the area of a right angled triangle:

A virtual Geoboard:
Classic Jeopardy Game:
The Grade 7 Boys have a reflective Health project to complete, based on our past unit.  Here is the assignment template, which may be modified.

As we were reviewing this assignment, I did not have my laptop to share the "act like a man box" exercise we did in class.  Here is what we came up with:

The boys will understand the words that are on the outside of the box.  I apologize, in advance for some of the profane language, but these were words that the students came up with for this exercise.