Friday, May 13, 2016

Returning to Media Literacy and Resource Math notes

This post will need to be elaborated on, but we are returning to some work on Media Literacy.  When I posted some sample of print ads, the students came back with a few observations.  There are not the full sample of responses, but it will give you an idea of what they observed and the feedback I gave them.

As we were talking about our observations, the idea of using Photoshop came up to change how items appear.  So, with some investigating we came up with this list from a website.

We looked into item number 7 and came up with this sample:
This would be more realistic:  the syrup being absorbed into the pancake.  That is a lot of syrup!
The syrup on this pancake does not appear to be soaking in at all.

We will return to some of the theory of Media Literacy on Tuesday and begin to work on our advertisement for the products we planned, earlier in the term.

In Math we are looking at a combined unit of Algebra and Measurement.  To assess our understanding so far, I posted this question and had someone answer it.  Before we did that, we broke down the question and listed all of the information we knew about how we might solve the question:

Once we reviewed the question, I gave the student one question each to solve and marked it. The majority of the class did very well, but we do have some reviewing to do and that is okay.

After each question that I graded, I posted up the answer and we deconstructed it.

Math:  Complete word problems on page 160 and attempt to solve the three questions, which were cut out.  I know they are challenging and may seem impossible, but see if you can work backward to solve them.  

Any outstanding work on homework chart.

Enjoy your weekend.