Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hot Doc for schools trailers, reviewing for Data Management test, Reid's diorama, homework

Over the course of this week, the Grade 7 and 8 classes will be watching a collection of films from this year's Hot Docs for Schools program.  I am going to post the trailers, from YouTube, if they are available:

All The Time In the World

The Backward Class

Haida Gwali:  The Edge of the World

Help us find Sunil Tripathi



No Place to Hide:  The Rehtaeh Parsons Story

There was not a direct YouTube link to this documentary, but the production company, Trinetra Productions, has posted a link about the film at http://trinetraproductions.com/noplacetohide/.

As part of this screening, a note was enclosed, from Rehtaeh's Mom, to be read before the screening of the documentary and this will be honoured.  Also, there was a blog post, from Rehateh's Dad that is posted online.  The topic is timely, since this is part of our discussions from the Grade 7 Helathy Living:  Human Development & Sexual Health section of the curriculum.  Here are his thoughts:

A group shot from our first screening:

As part of our review for the Data Management test on Mean, Median, and Mode, we began to prepare a Study Sheet and work a series of questions for review.  The topics which should be on the Study Sheet are on the board.  Kaia and I did an example of a question where a missing mark needs to be calculated for a certain average.
It is a more elaborate example of what we did, with cubes, last week:

Before the test on Friday, we will play a few games to prime the brain.  Study Sheets may also be used, along with any previous homework.

Reid did a really nice job on his diorama.  Here is a shot of it:


- Resource Math:  Study Sheet, double-sided EQAO paper
- History:  please sign up with Google Classroom to see the homework (Donnacona assignment due on Friday & Cornell notes on the fur trade)