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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Electronic Cigarettes & Reading Comprehension, updating an older Reading Response posting, a note for Dylan

As a way of introducing this topic in our current Reading Comprehension topic, I thought we might take a look at some of the videos on the topic of E-cigarettes.  On the Internet, and YouTube in particular, there is a lot of information out there.  I have tried to select information from websites (CNN, BBC, CBC) that are from news services that have, from my point of view, a balanced perspective.

Update:  While doing some research for this exercise, I came across one of the brands of cigarettes that has invested a lot of money in advertising.  Their key spokesperson is Jenny McCarthy.  I think showing this video will also provide an opportunity for some Media Literacy.

The following link will look at a story that points out the potential benefits of e-cigarettes.

Also, to offer a balanced perspective, here is the web page for the Electronic Cigarettes International Group which "distributes many of the world’s leading e-cigarette and vaping brands...."  There website is at:  http://ecig.co/

A screenshot from the e-cigarette website

As the article in What in the World suggests, E-cigarettes are aimed at a youth market.  Consider this image of some of the "juice" flavours available for customers, or future customers, of e-cigarettes:

I believe it was Thursday when I posted a copy of a Reading Response, based on an article I read.  I noticed that the resolution of the image was poor, so I decided to upload them separately.  I did this a means for modelling how to do a response.

** Dylan, I found your Reading Comp exercise on the dropping price of oil.  I had it mixed in with some other papers.  I do remember starting to read it before the March Break; my apologies!

Getting ready for Integers, Grade 8 grad photo attire...

A Youtube video on Integers that will help conceptualize the idea of positive and negative numbers.

Picture taken from John A. Van de Walle and LouAnn H.Lovin's Teaching Student-Centred Mathematics:  5-8 (2006)

A short game we will do in class to look at ordering  numbers:


A screen shot:

The Grade 8 graduation photos are this coming Wednesday.  I had the question about what to wear.  I managed to scan a section of the package with that information:

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

NYT's exercise, an opportunity for Chess

In addition to  doing a morning Cursive writing exercise, this creative exercise from the New York Times is something we have not done in quite a while.  Here is the link for today's problem:


Here is the image.  I will do a response to it to model how the Success Criteria.

The other item I wanted to post had to do with a Chess Club coming to AMG.

Some honourable mention to the students from yesterday's Grade 7 test:

In preparation for another Reading Response, I posted and walked through one I did with the class.

I am not sure if the resolution is correct.


Completion of map colouring in selected countries around Ukraine

Reading Response from one of the daily papers Mr. Proudfoot brought in (response + article should be included)

Have a good evening

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Study Sheets

A short entry today.
For homework, just before the Break for the 8s and after for the 7s, were a series of Study Sheets to prepare for the upcoming Math tests this week.  Here a sampling of a few and a some short comments:

This one is from Grade 8.  I try to provide feedback on each sheet handed in.  This one encouraged the student to create questions that required him to do some measuring.  It would be a way to consolidate the concepts and practice with a protractor,

This one was the most complete for both grades.  It had detailed sample questions.  The student acknowledged that the last question was incomplete.  I finished it for her.

This question also contained samples.  While I took a portion of the original sheet, I reminded this student to remember to review the concept of Range and the "Ideal Average Sum" type question that we did in class where we used the blocks and created graphs.

Grade 7 test on Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and "IAS"

Sunday, March 22, 2015

After March Break: odds and ends; Reviewing Grade 7 work on Mean, Median, and Mode; Reading Comprehension on Electronic cigarettes....

Time to return to learning!

Sorry about the cut in the scan of this handout that went home on March 11.  It is a note saying that the school trustee, Marit Stiles, will be at the AMG Parent Council meeting on March 25 @ 6:30.

A photo honouring David, who did not come on the skating trip a couple of weeks ago:

I believe this is the Turkish Consulate in Toronto, located on the lower portion of Spadina Avenue.

In the final week of school I posted a lot of information relating to the falling price of oil.  This was related to a Reading Comprehension exercise.  (Original blog date:  http://rumblingsfrom52.blogspot.ca/2015/03/providing-some-context-to-for-reading.html)  Unfortunately, I did not get to review the blog post or look at the assignment.  I am hoping we will do this tomorrow.

After reviewing the information and questions relating to the original article, we will be moving on to a new topic:  Electronic Cigarettes.  As a primer to the article, we will look at some information posted on the CBC website:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/e-cigarette-use-slapped-with-growing-provincial-regulation-1.2879168  We will start with looking at some news items before looking at some of the more detailed text in the articles.

To get things going again (the brain, after March Break), we will review some Math work for the Grade 7s done before the break:

After reviewing this, we looked at one of the questions posted before the break for homework:

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Before March Break

On the Day before March Break, the Grade 7s did the exercise with the cubes to see how they could represent a Mean of 8/10, on four test, without having all the marks be 8/10.  Here are some photos of them at work.  I took photos of the work they did but did not bring them home from school.  Those results will be posted on the blog, after March Break, as we prepare for a test.

 Here are some images from the Grade 7 and 8 Skating trips to Harbourfront last week.

Have a restful and Happy March Break!
No formal homework is handed out during TDSB holidays.  All work not handed in before the Break has not gone away!!