Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2 Posts for the class + Honouring Jaime Escalante and connecting it with the Learning Skills and Work Habits

The first image I will post relates to a short note you will take down about these three techniques that you may see in advertising:

As you move in to designing your ad, at least one of these techniques will need to be used.

This second image relates to the YouTube post you will see, which relates to the film, Stand and Deliver.  As you may remember, we often do a journal reflection using the Learning Skills and Work Habits section of the report card.  For this term, the skills we looked at are circled in orange.  A description of each item is listed in the comments section.

You will have a copy of this and your job is to assess your skills for this term.  Give yourself an E, G, S, or N for the six sections.  In the comment section, please reflect on this last term and write some comments on each of the habits and skills, like you have done in the past.

Here is a sample one I did to remind you of the process.  The writing does not need to be as formal or teacher sounding as this:

When I decided to show the film Stand and Deliver I never made the connection between it and the Learning Skills and Work Habits section of the report.  Jaime Escalante, the teacher in the film, uses this word ganas, which translates into "want," in English.  The teacher uses ganas to refer to desire. If I could neatly summarize that section of the report car, I would probably refer to it as the "ganas section."

I forgot that Jaime Escalante has been dead for over 6 years, but his legacy lives on.  Why he felt it was important that students had the knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend a subject, he also knew that students had to develop and nurture their ganas.

I am off, with Mr. Chung, to the Track and Field qualifying meet at Birchmount Stadium and will be back on Thursday.

No, we are not going here:

Jaime Escalante quote