Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fires in Fort McMurray, NYT inference exercise, tackling a fur trade article...

A couple of warmup activities:

Here is 7B's contribution to are skills of developing accountable talk in our History class:

Returning to an old item on Fort McMurray fire post:

This is an inference exercise we will start today and conclude on Monday.

Yesterday, I posted a link to an article on the fur trade.  It is quite long and we will only look at half of it today.  The link to the article I posted yesterday:

One of the reading strategies we used involved looking at the topic and concluding sentences for each of the paragraphs, to get a sense of what the paragraph was about.   Since we have engaged in a couple of 4 Corner exercises and completed the jot notes assignment, we have developed some prior knowledge about the fur trade in Canada.  Here is a sample of the text:

Eventually, we will begin to sort some of the ideas for this article, and then an article that is pro-fur, using a graphic organizer.