Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4x100m Relay Exchanges: looking at the Pros; Area of a Rectangle and Triangle; a short video of our History discussion and Four Corner discussion from Tuesday, last 2 Book Talk presenters

Samples from the recent World Track and Field Championships in Beijing, China.

The new work in the Resource Math class has to do with a combination of Measurement and Algebra.

Some clips from our "Accountable Talk" discussion.  In it, you will hear a mix of the discussion on the merits of the fur trade, along with a scenario I presented to the group on peer pressure and friendship.  Some of the camera angles deliberately avoided the faces of the speakers, who did not want to have a camera on them.  This video was from the discussion with 7A.

Here is an image of members of 7B in the four corners exercise on the fur trade.  Each corner of the room is broken down as agree, strongly agree, strongly disagree, disagree.  A statement was read that was against the fur trade and the students had to align themselves with a position.

Here are the final two presenters for the Book Talks: