Friday, May 6, 2016

Resource Math Test, final screening of our Hot Docs for Schools Festival , & Boys Health project

Kaia's Study Sheet
Out of 11 students, 5 completed Study Sheets for the test.
The Study Sheet may be used during the test.

Before we do it, I will offer the students the opportunity to play a few games related to Mean, Median, and Mode.

The final documentary, The Backward Class is an inspirtational story about a group of students who are known as Untouchables, under the Indian Caste system.

Another connection we are making through Media, is in the Boys' Health class.  We have been working at the Human Development and Sexual Health section.  One of the areas that has come up in our discussions is around the issue of identity and what it means to be a boy.  This falls under the topics of " labeling, gender identity, sexual orientation, self-concept issues, [and] relationships...."  This is from Section 3.3 of the curriculum.

To supplement this, we are taking a selective look at the film, The Mask you Live In."  The trailer is below.

Before viewing a small portion of the documentary, I had the boys brainstorm ideas about what it, to them, to be a boy.  Initially, this was difficult for some, so I did some modeling, based on some of the ideas some other boys in class shared with me: