Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How we Learn, Neuroplasticity, Animated Growth Mindset videos, Media Project


Here is another video on how we learn, that uses some visuals and footage that explains the plasticity of our brains.

During a workshop, after school, we heard some more scientific research on how having a Growth Mindset can assist in the rewiring of the brain.  
Why is this even important? 
A lot of you may believe that intelligence, or how smart you think you are, is fixed.  In other words, if you think it is impossible to improve in school, you may have a fixed way of thinking.  New research suggests that it is possible for your brain to make new connections.  These connections were talked about in the first video.  So, it is possible that your brain, and how it works, can grow and make new connections in relation to understanding the world around us and habits we may develop. 

Here is an updated version of the Success Criteria chart for our Media project.  All items will be available on the Proudfoot Institute site or in the Language folder, in the classroom.