Saturday, February 25, 2017

Data Management, Elements of Music (by way of Orff), Math homework

Math:  Data Management

We will be spending some time reviewing our most recent test and having a second test, after I return from my workshop.  In the meantime, you would have done some initial brainstorming around our new unit on Mean, Median, and Mode.

We will take a look at a couple of videos here, as we usually do, to help our understanding.  Also, I have posted up a link to a number of Math game sites, relating to this next topic.

We will have some textbook work today and spend some time taking it up.


In Music class, last week, Ms. Bunston introduced us to some elements of music and we had to listen to a couple of pieces and record our observations.  You will be getting back your answers today.  Here is the answer sheet she provided for me:
We will review some of the concepts used in the answer sheet and then listen to the original pieces you heard last week.  

Review:  Staccato versus Legato and an explanation of Glissando:

Carnival of the Animals selections:

The second:

Ms. Bunston suggested that we look at some contemporary music to see if we could identify some of the elements mentioned on the chart.  Here is a sample review of  Meter and time signature using a couple of "pop" artists and a piano teacher who offers up a tutorial.

For the following video, only watch up to 2:03 after the woman finishes playing the piano and talking about time signatures.

Ms. Davis-Spinks suggested a song that could be used as an example of a Media text to discuss issues of body image, self-harm, and maintaining a healthy self-esteem.    I thought the song could also serve our purpose for learning about the elements of music.  For now, we will take a listen to the song and see if we can track the items listed on the chart:  Meter, Tempo, Instrumentation, Articulation

On another occasion, we will look at the official video and deconstruct some of the messages and how they relate to the song's lyrics.

Math Homework:  for those who dread the heavy textbook

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