Sunday, February 12, 2017

Returning to Algebra, Goldilocks and her commercial implications, manipulation/construction in advertisements


By Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi - John L. Esposito. The Oxford History of Islam. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0195107993., Public Domain,
- keyword:  Aljabar:  the reunion of broken parts  e.g. x + 34 = 37 (this equation sort of looks broken)

Chloe's question on Algebra's relevancy should be revisited:

Before we get too technical, let us take a look at this question to see if you can figure it out:

Another interesting look at some thinking around Algebraic reasoning:

Courtesy John Van de Walle & LouAnn Lovin, 2006
There are some really great online games like this.  Check in the links section on the right-hand side of the page of the blog.
Here is our friendly neighbourhood Math Antics friend to ease us into some more Algebra.  Remember, you already have done some Algebra with your work on the area of Triangles!


As a point of comparison, we will take a look at this video and then look at the contemporary version of the story.  This version has to do with one of the central principals of Media Literacy:  The Media have commercial interests and implications.

Here are those concepts, highlighted.  I did this as a model for the class and a reminder of the key points.  There is a lot of text on this page!

We had a small group today but continued to work and brainstorm around some of the key concepts on this chart.  

One of the answers, from Chloe, relates to the construction of some products.  This video uses the word "manipulate."  I think this creates in the viewer a very cynical outlook and the most important thing to take away from this video is that all media are constructions.  Even the content and layout of this blog has been constructed.  Becoming media literate allows you to be critical, aware, and empowered to make informed choices; I certainly hope it doesn't make you feel completely cynical.

The discussion will continue tomorrow.   

Have a pleasant evening.  There is no assigned homework tonight, but the rough ideas from the weekend's homework is still due.