Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Algebra Homework, film progress, developing Study habits

Homework from last night:

I plan on touching base with the Grade 7/8 Math teacher to see if there is a particular method they use for solving Algebraic equations.  I have been using the "balance" method, but I know there are other approaches.  Some of the students in the class have been using them.  In the last photo, the answers completed by Alex show one method and I wrote in the "balance" method on the side.  Both approaches yielded the same results.

Tricky question:  Part 2

Charlie and I did this together.  Three things may stand out for the viewer:

1. x-44 and 44-x look similar but have different meanings
2. In the first question, we swapped the order of the question, so the variable was on the left side of the equal sign.
3.  In the second question, we added x (+x) to both sides of the equation.  This allowed us to get rid of the subtract x (-x)

For a number of students, this approach to Algebra may be new and a little overwhelming.  We will spend some time reviewing this work before any quiz takes place.

Film Project:

The two classes are on their way with planning the film project.  At this point, each group has narrowed an idea down and we will now move forward on planning the next phase of the film project.  Here are a few photos of our planning sessions:

I may or may not have mentioned the issue of Studying.   When there is a test, I was surprised to hear that many students do not prepare for a test, so I thought we should take a closer look at the matter.  I am going to post this video on the right-hand side of the blog and right here:

There are countless videos on YouTube on studying, but I thought this was a good place to start.