Friday, February 24, 2017

select Algebra answers from homework & a Pretest

There is a lot of information here.  Sometimes, when you look at the board, there may seem like too much information.  So, I photographed a few questions from the homework for you to check and review on your own.

In most cases, except for the model question I did, I put modeled another approach to solving the equation.  I have used the balance method for my demonstrations like Rob did from the Math Antics videos.

All questions are from page 9 of the handout sheet.

This is from Charlie's homework and an example of one of those "tricky variations" I mentioned.

#2 f

#2 b

#2 a

#1 f

#1 c

#4 b

#4 a

Practice Test:

I gave out this test for students to assess their progress on what we have been doing so far in Algebra.  I am going to post 2 different approaches to solving the answers.  

Employing the "balance" approach.
A variation on the "balance" approach.  Pay attention to the circled and highlighted operations; notice the pattern.

In both examples, I am attempting to push the students toward the more complex understanding of isolating the variable by "undoing" the operation attached to the variable. This was an approach used in the Math Antics videos and an idea that will be used more widely in Grade 7 & 8.  


Test on Monday:  Algebra (based on the work we have been doing in class)