Thursday, February 9, 2017

Workshop notes for Room 28: Media Literacy, Highlighting & Jot note exercise

Since I wasn't here to wish it to you in person, I found this.

Media Literacy:  Reading before creating

As I mentioned before, we will be creating numerous forms of media for this term.  Before we get there, we will still keep our eyes and minds open to understanding how forms of Media work.

There are many versions of "Media Triangles" that you will see, but here is one to take a look at.  We have talked about some of these ideas and explored some of these questions already, but it is always important to keep questioning and thinking!

A part of this lesson will involve watching this commercial:

Highlighting of text to Jot Note exercise

On the homework board, I mentioned that you should have finished highlighting the article on the portrayal of Tweens on television shows and kept it in a safe place.  Today is the day you will come back to it.

You will be using your highlights to help you create some jot notes.  Last week, I did some modeling of highlighting an article on Tweens and Mental Health and Wellness.  I am not sure how well the resolution will be, but here are the highlighted notes, along with my jot notes.  I must confess, my jot notes are usually shorter than this, but I wanted to show you how they may look.  I will model this again for the class.

The next phase of both activities will be explained, when I am back on Friday.  
Have a respectful, positive day with Ms. Hylton.