Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 14, Book Fair, Media Literacy, Summary work, Algebra

Book Fair:

This is running for the duration of the week.  We will be visiting the Library, once again, today to purchase some items.  Ms. Kramer has generously donated some money to purchase some books for our class collection.


We are in a new term.  I reminded the students that every day is a new day to begin fresh.  Homework is jotted down on the Homework board for everyone to see, check, and keep track of.  Sometimes, when there is work time I will post examples of what should be done on the board, along with some visual reminders.  

The last bit, on the summary, is based on work we began close to a week ago.  I am going to post an image and summarize what the picture pertains to:

The page on the right was a handout given to the class.  The yellow paper with jot notes was based on the highlights I did of an article I posted last week.  The typed note is the first portion of my summary.

My notes (printing) were intended to guide the summary writing process.

Language/Media Literacy:

As we learn more about elements of the Media, I was looking for some information to support one of the main ideas of the media having special interests; more specifically, most media is created for profit (taken from Think Literacy, Ministry of Education, 2002).

We will look at the graphs here -- Data Management plug!!-- to notice some of the recent trends in advertising.


I wanted some Canadian stats, but I will settle for this information.  It is a link to a list of corporations and how much they spend on advertising:  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/marketing/where-advertisers-are-spending-their-money-in-canada/article26597480/.

The Journal question today attempted to see how well you could make the connection with 2 of the three key concepts of Media Literacy and an example of an ad.  Here is the original question, along with the ad, and the example I did.

The two concepts are at the bottom of this note.  The "commercial associations" part confused a couple of people.  Basically, how is this ad a way of trying to generate some money?

This was my example:

The first part looked at elements of how the ad was put together.
The third concept was how this ad may be seen a way to increase the sales of the product.


The video about how Algebra finds its way into so much of what we do was really cool.  At least I think so.  Please watch it again!
Some of the class knew that a formula was needed for converting from Fahrenheit to Celcius & we looked at a problem of how much it might cost to fill Mr. P's car, based on the size of his tank and what the cost of gas is.  All of this relates to Algebra.

Sorry, I cut off the top of the photo.

Tonight's homework was an investigation.  I wanted you to take a shot at it before we got into some real formal questions and instruction.  You should have picked it up after school, as was instructed, and have it completed in your Math notebook:

I will check for completion tomorrow and then look at a possible solution to the question and then push on forward.

I should have caught a photo of Jahmarian and Charlie playing a couple of Algebra games, but I missed it.  The games were from the Mathplayground site, which is the link on the very top, and to the right.

Have a pleasant evening.