Wednesday, October 19, 2016

School Advisory Council form for Room 28, Algonquin Land claim settlement, Room 28 school partnerships, transitioning in Math, Rewrites

Dovercourt S.A.C.

Please, if you have not filled this in, ask your son or daughter about it, or download it from the Proudfoot Institute link:

Algonquin Land Claim Settlement

As part of the Truth and Reconciliation report, we, as educators, need to do a better job in educating students about the issues -- from the past and present -- about our Aboriginal peoples.  In the news, yesterday, was the story of the land claim settlement bewtween levels of government and the Algonquins of Ontario.

This story is in line, with the project we will be starting, which looks at the Social Studies themes of Continuity and Change & Significance.  We will use these themes, as we create a title page for our class duotangs.


We are working with Ms. Ling this year.  She does Drama with our class, but we are also working together to do a Book Talk.  More details on this, will follow.  The planning sheet, for the assignment, has been handed out to the class and Ms. Ling has modeled a talk for the class.  I will follow suite by doing another example.  The assignment presentations will happen in, approximately, 3 weeks time.

Yesterday, we began Reading Buddies with Ms. Sniderman's class.  Everyone did an excellent job in reading with a partner.

Transitioning in Math:  ** UPDATE:  After preparing this section over lunch, there was a change to the Strings schedule and Math did not happen today.

We will be taking a break, shortly after this closing mini-unit, from the Number Sense strand and making a transition into the Measurement strand.  We will be using our skills of multiplication to review what Prime Factorization is.  Here is "Bob," to explain:

Bob's method can also be summarized in this handout:

Think of me as unexciting?  You can learn about this topic and then play one of the many Math games on the Internet.
While I was absent at Cross Country, we looked at this topic, but did not follow up on it.  I don't like to leave things dangling, so we will return to the topic, to make sure we have an understanding of it.
Some of this work will involve the review of multiples, and what prime and composite numbers are.   Over the next day, we will look at this homework, as part of our review.

A few students started to work on Rewrites from last week's Math test.  Here is a sample; perhaps it will be self-explanatory.

Students earn back some marks by being able to articulate and explain where they made a mistake on the test.  The explanation can be done orally, for those who find writing to be difficult.