Thursday, October 20, 2016

Prime Factorization: Part 2 & a review game, Library Partnering, Mr. P's "Exploring" stage for his Social Studies project, the agenda and Homework

Another Prime Factorization video & a review game
The creators behind this Jeopardy template have come up with a lot of interesting ways of reviewing certain concepts. The topics in question touch on some of the work we have done.  The decimal section we have touched on, but will get into it, as we move into Measurement.

We will return to learning about Division, but will be taking a pause from the Number Sense strand. If you are working through the Divisibility rules section, you may want to reference this helpful sheet:

Homework, that was not taken up:

I hope I am not breaking any copyright issues by doing this:

Partners in Action

This was the name of a document the Ontario School Library Association used back in the 1990s.  As a former Teacher-Librarian, we would work with classroom teachers on a particular topic.  Right now, we are working with Ms. Ling on a Book Talk project.  I will post the pdf of the assignment on the Proudfoot Institute download page.

Here we are, at work, on summarizing Cindarella.

making jot notes 

Social Studies

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This is a screenshot of the beginning stages (EXPLORING) of my Social Studies project.  If you notice, I have not started any formal research.  I am just trying to think about what direction I want to move in.  I have jotted down some of my ideas, based on the expectations of the project.

This may be the first time the students have had to think in this way.  They are being asked to think and make choices on a particular topic and theme, but I have not told them exactly what to do.  I think this is the first step of them being a little more independent in their thinking.  I know this can be challenging, so I will keep doing these sorts of examples, and answering lots of questions, along the way.

Homework and Agenda

I am pleased to see a number of students using the agenda, but it is still not enough.  I would like to see them being used, so students can keep track of what they need to do. I will take a shot of  the Homework reminder board, which is in the front of the room.  Please ask your learner in Room 28 if they are using the agenda; better yet, ask them to show it to you.