Friday, October 28, 2016

Introducing Measurement and Place Value, Math textbook questions, and the rounding of decimals

A former colleague passed on this book to me about the metric system.  Eventually, a YouTube video, from the original 1977 film, showed up.  Thanks for the book, Kris Janssen!

The book and video serve as interesting introductions to a portion of the Measurement strand of Math, which relates to conversion among measurements in the Metric system.

Often, when I have done this, I have used a chart for converting.

It has been influenced by my Grade 8 teacher, Charlie Binkley, Laydin Bowles and Derek Fereira, both former colleagues. Now, the trick to remembering what the prefixes mean can be found in the expression:  King Henry died, drinking chocolate milk.  It is true and here is the evidence:

Now, since we are combining some aspects of measurement with the place value chart, I had this bright student named Avery, who made me rethink the original chart and came up with this:  

In the homework, you will be asked to do some conversions.  You can use the handouts I give you to speed up the process, but you may want to see the conversions in action.  I will do some in class and you can refer back to a few YouTube videos, as your guides.  

Here are a few Math questions, for the weekend.  For some of you who may not want to bring the textbook home, here they are:

In this unit, there will be some rounding going on and this REPETITIVE VIDEO (yes, I know, that is the point) will help you understand how to round decimals.