Monday, October 3, 2016

Resetting TDSB passwords, using your TDSB email, Success Criteria and Collage Samples, FIELD TRIP TO HIGH PARK ON TUESDAY

At this time of the year, students often ask questions about resetting passwords or forgetting passwords from 2014-2015. This does happen. I am pretty sure the passwords are reset over the summer, so here is the one page handout to help you along the way.  If you do not know your student number, ask Mr. P.

a key piece of info (posted in the class)

Not many of you know this, but you have a TDSB student email address.  You just need to set it up.

Once you have logged in the first time, you will see your desktop.  Select AW (Academic Workspace).  It is in the fourth column, at the top.

Once you see it, open it.  It will take you to this page. You will then want to select Mail, as the option you want.  There are other things you can explore and I would suggest doing it to see where it takes you.

The first time you open your mail, it will look like this.  You will have to agree to the terms listed by Google and the TDSB.  Sorry, Chloe, I already did this for you.

You will then see this page and be able to send and receive mail!

if you are at home, if you Google the TDSB Student Login page, which should get you to the TDSB Academic Workspace page, you will be able to enter your student number and password.

As for the collage assignment, I wanted to provide you with two samples.

This is our Success Criteria, which we changed.
A sample collage -- sorry, I forgot to find the website where I copied this from -- with a Complex sentence attached to it.

My collage, a work in progress.  

A few student samples, also in progress:

High Park Trip on Tuesday
photo courtesy of:!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg

Please arrive to school, and to our classroom, by 8:30 tomorrow. I would like to leave the school by 8:50 a.m.