Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SAC letter, an oral journal response for Roseneath Theatre's play, Racist icons and mascots

I will attach this form to the forms section of the Proudfoot Institute link (on the side of the blog).  I have not been able to change some of the information on the site.  I think you will have to set up your TDSB email account or be able to log in to the Academic Workspace site to get to it (your son or daughter will have to do this).

My scanner adds this little bit at the end.  I am not sure why.
I was thinking about finding another way to enter into a discussion with the class about yesterday's play, so we decided to use the prompts from a Journal response sheet I have used.  For some students, not having the anxiety or fear of writing is lessened; while for others, it could make them uncomfortable with having to talk in class.  This won't always be our approach, but it is one I want to use.

We started a small conversation about the Toronto Blue Jays and playing the Cleveland Indians team.  At the time of typing this, I have not shared the conversation Matt Galoway had with Jesse Wente. At times, images speak louder than words, so I will share this short YouTube clip.

Similarly, I used the image of the Little Black Sambo to compare how derogatory images can be painful for many people of African decent.  ** THIS CARTOON IS HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.

Chief Wazoo is the equivalent on the Black Sambo character.