Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chanie Wenhjack & some shots from Reading Buddies, film list for Regent Park Film Festival trip, Homework (use your AGENDA!)

Chanie Wenjack

There was a request for a portion of the interview between Gord Downie and Chanie's Wejack's sisters.

A more complete version of the interview, along with the full presentation and post panel discussion, from Sunday night, may be found at this link:  http://secretpath.ca/

We watched the first track of 10 and responded to the following question:

To assist some students who needed some guidance to begin the writing process, I typed up a few possible prompts:  
The lyrics, at the side, are from screenshots of the graphic novel I purchased.  

Reading Buddies

Regent Park Film Festival Lineup:


There are many items written on the chalkboard and I encourage your son or daughter to use the agenda to record items which need to completed.  Please ask them to share the work they are expected to complete.  I provide the class with opportunities to catch up on work they may not have completed.

Have a good evening.