Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bloom's Taxonomy, Summary writing continued, Study Sheet & Math HW

Introducing:  Bloom's Taxonomy

One way of introducing students to ideas that seem complex, or abstract, is to use things that they can relate to.  In this example, someone has demonstrated the taxonomy using the film Finding Dory.

Here is another example of Bloom's Taxonomy at work, with Harry Potter as an example:

Summary writing:  Using a wise story for a 10-word summary

This is a dramatic performance of a short story I used for an introduction to writing a summary.
  The story came from this book:

In the dramatization, the actors referred to the woman as a girl, when in fact, she was a woman.  Even in the story, she is described as being beautiful and helpless, which I think distracts from the content of the story.

In any case, the story is short and the purpose of the exercise is to have the students create a summary after recording 10 words from the story after I have read it.  Once I have created some space on the bulletin board, I will post the different samples of the summary.

Group shot of summaries:

Last night's HW & a Study Sheet for Math:  Due October 28

The answers for last night's Math are posted here.  Time was provided in class to check with me, or a classmate, to see the possible approaches to answering the question.

Some students commented that they approached the questions differently.  On a future test, I would not have the  students give their answers in a specific box.  I will only have them break down the composite numbers.  

Another approach to #1:

I will only deal with numbers that are on the multiplication table up to 100, since I am discouraging the use of calculators.  This is meant as a reinforcing of the multiplication skills.

The Study Sheet will be due in 2 days.  The date of the test has not been set, but it will not be on the day after Halloween!
A possible Study Sheet might look like this:

I suggested 3 different numbers, as examples, on the Study Sheet..