Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Concluding New York Times group work, Social Studies project, Homework Chart


Before the reveal, we finished up our look at the New York Times image:

Presenting ideas

The actual image comes from this story-line about Syrian Refugees, living in Istanbul, Turkey:


Social Studies

This exploration was a natural transition into the Social Studies project, which I was refining.  I will be printing it off for your son or daughter, as well as posting a copy on the handouts portion of The Proudfoot Institiute.  It is a research project based on this model, established by the Ontario School Library Association:

Currently, the TDSB refers to part of this process as Inquiry based learning, which is rooted in this 4 stage model.

As I explained to the students, I will model this project, as if I was a student, to introduce them to the research process.

Homework Chart

Updated at 4:05 on Tuesday.  Ask your son or daughter how they are doing with completing assignments.

Helpful Schedule

This was made last week and I find it very handy and quite useful for everyone!  Thanks


As you can see from a photo of the Homework chart, there are a number of items some students need to complete. If it is not done, it is homework.  Please ask your son or daughter about this.

Much appreciated.
Guess what? (Hint: From China)