Friday, April 1, 2016

App competiton, memo home on IEPs & lunch hour, comma test, Resource Math homework

On Tuesday, students from 7C will be taking part in a regional competition for app development at the Parkview Manor banquet hall.  There are 3 teams from our class and each group has spent a lot of time preparing for this.  The departure time for this trip will be at 8:00 on Tuesday morning.  I had the permission forms ready to go home yesterday, but I forgot to send them home!  They will be going home, today.

 The following memo was sent home on Wednesday and made reference to the Term 2 IEPs and the lunch permission form.  Even though lunch permission forms were handed out in the Fall for the lunch procedures, I wanted to make sure students knew they had the option for going out or staying at AMG.  The decision still rests with the parents and the form should be returned to Mr. Proudfoot as soon as possible.

A copy of the IEP is for you to keep, I only need to have page 5 returned, with a signature, so I am aware that you have seen the IEP.

Once the app project fair is completed on Tuesday, we will be re-focusing our energies in Language and returning to our Book Talks, the Hedonic ad project, and our paragraphing work around the themes of resilience.  

Resource Math:  p. 215, #15 textbook

Multiple Choice Comma test:  Wed., April 6

Second, and final deposit, for camp due on April 18th for $61.70

Grade 7s practicing for Pink Day step performance

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