Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Looking at a few Math questions on Mean, Median, and Mode , Outstanding homework items moved

I think the photographs are explanatory for the concepts we are learning in Math for the Data Management strand involving Mean, Median, and Mode.

Please forgive the dated looking phone in this helpful YouTube video.  What do you expect,the video is from 2009! :

Here are two shots from when Mr. Chung first introduced the unit:

If you watch the video, enlarge and look at the photos, and then return to the examples, you may find it easier to complete the homework, if you had some challenges.  Remember, this is homework and not graded!  It is intended as practice work for you to work through.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask, but please, please, make an attempt at it!

- the Math tests from the last Integer test were returned today

For the past couple of weeks, I posted up a series of work items that were listed on the Homework chart.  To make room on the chalkboard, I decided to move them beside the chart.

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