Monday, April 4, 2016

Lights, camera, action: History Presentations Begin and a visit from Roseneath Theatre & Integer games and preparing a Study Sheet

We had another great visit from Roseneath Theatre who shared another production of The Incredible Speed of Jamie Cavanaugh with the Grade 4 to 8s today.  

This was one of the few shots I took of the production today.  I was not allowed to take photos!

Speaking of acting, the Grade 7s began their presentations in History today.  Here is a screen shot from the Promethean Board that I had up in the room.  It was a reminder for the presenting groups on what we focused on:

It is comprised of the evaluation form -- there is a peer evaluation component -- a look at the concepts, and the elements of Drama.  In between the presentations, we will be using the History textbook to guide some of our work.

The students in the Math Resource class will be working and playing tomorrow (Tuesday).  They will be working on developing a Study Sheet to assist them in remembering strategies for adding and subtracting integers, along with playing some games, which I will list below.

This is for a Math Jeopardy game.  Focus only on the addition and subtraction, not the multiplication and division:

screenshot from Sheppard Software integer game

Sheppard Software has come up with a fun, creative way to review, as well.  It was about this time, last year, that the 7s were doing Integer adding and subtracting and I posted the following links.

This is for the subtraction part:

This is for the addition part:

In addition to playing, the students will also be responsible for developing a Study Sheet.  This may be used during the test.  I am going to post some samples of Study Sheets and briefly comment on them.  Think of them as a way to study by reviewing what you have learned from your homework or from playing these online games.

None of these examples relates to the concept we are looking at now, but I think you will get the idea.

On all sheets submitted, I will provide you with some descriptive feedback to give you a sense of what you may need to spend some more time reviewing.

Notice that this student has written out the definitions to assist her with remembering the key ideas.  This may or may not work for you, but it did for this student, who often did very well on her tests.

This one was done by me, as an example for the class.  I made a point of balancing some problem solving questions and made note of some important formulas.  I have a lot of visuals, because I am a visual learner.  If you need to draw pictures of number lines for your sheet, please do it!
All study sheets must be handed in to Mr. Proudfoot by Wednesday morning.  Remember, it is only a review sheet for the adding and subtracting of Integers!

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