Monday, April 11, 2016

Science Centre visit, Study Sheets returned, Snapshot casting for Photo Club members

Here are some photos from the Grade 7 visit to the Ontario Science Centre.  They are images of students from 7C.

The Study Sheets for the Resource Math Integer test on the adding and subtracting of integers were returned to all of the students who completed one.  It will form a small portion of your mark on the test and may be used during the test.

The idea was to use the homework questions and handouts to come up with a review sheet to use during the final evaluation.  I am pleased to see some people put in a solid effort to review their work.

The final test is tomorrow and will happen after I do a review in class.

The Photo Club has not connected in quite some time.  Michelle Ormsby, one of our Office Administrators, brought this website and CBC program to my attention.  It is called Snapshots and they have a contest that I thought members of the club might explore.   Here is the site:

I thought we might take a look at it and see what the group thinks.  Also, there are some possibilities for exhibiting at The Gladstone Hotel in the future.  According to Ms. Verhagen, it may be possible to showcase some of our work at The Drake.  Pretty cool.

I feel as though the Book Talks have been put on hold too long.  I have a book that I am currently reading and will use this to model what the Book Talk should look and sound like.  I will use this book by Andre Alexis called 15 Dogs.  It won the 2015 Giller Book Prize.

It will not be a polished performance, but it will give the students a sense of what and how it should sound like.

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