Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Post # 700: some Book Talk presenters, close ups of Diorama, more Math with cubes

image taken from http://indianapublicmedia.org/harmonia/700-harmonia-episodes-counting/

Today we had another 3 presenters in our Book Talk series:  Reid, Tony, and Tyler.  Here is a shot of each of them, at various stages of their talk.

Most of the students have completed the Dioramas, the sister portion of the Book Talk.  Here are some close up shots, from some of the works of Art, we have in class.

We took the idea of Mean, Median, and Mode to another level today.  In the Resource class, we took up part of the homework.  Upon reflection, I realized that the other questions may have been too complex and required some more explanation, so I went back to illustrating the concept with coloured cubes.  Here are the photos, along with an explanation of each one:

Another question displaying possible test results for a group of 6 students in a class.  The mean is calculated for the group.

The idea of "the average" is the spreading of results evenly.  In this case, the mean of 3 is given to all of the students.

To make the question a little more complex, we reviewed what it would like if we averaged a score of 3 out.  The total number of marks equals 18, but with the totals on the left (in black), we decided to change up the scores and keep one a mystery.

Rachad figured the missing mark to be 2, because the other marks added up to 16.

We did another sample questions, where we adjusted a mark.  Still, the total number of cubes remained the same at 18 and the mystery mark was 1.  The total, or what I call the Ideal Average Sum (IAS) equals 18.

Rachad took this photo of me explaining how the IAS might work for a question involving grades.  In the example we selected, the IAS was 80% and wanted to figure out what the missing amount might be.
- double sided Math sheet on IAS
- any outstanding homework items listed on Homework board

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