Thursday, April 28, 2016

Definitions for in-class quiz, sample Ralph Lee journal entry, sample entry from in-class "Advertisement Walk"

This post will serve to help make some of the day a little smoother.

We began to look at some example of print advertisement in class.  Today you will be going on an "Advertisement Tour" and visiting 4 stations in the class.  You will then select one ad, from each station, and then do some thinking and recording about what makes it work well.  I will illustrate what I mean by using the following ad:

We deconstructed this ad on Wednesday

So, this is what your observations might be of this ad.  Remember, you only have to select one ad per station.  I would like you to take the time to look at all of the examples, to give you a sense of  the range of messages out there.

The next two items relate to History.

I was mistaken in the age of Ralph Lee and when he lived.
He never did work on the railway.  He is holding the railway stake as a historical example marking the first initial arrival of Chinese citizens to Canada.  The headline is cut off, but it points out that he was the oldest person, who was still alive, who paid the $500 Head Tax to enter Canada.
The article from the CBC website talks about arriving in Canada, at the age of 12, and some of the struggles he had.  I took this information and revised the initial journal entry I did and shared with 7B.

The two concepts I explored were: 1. Technology, through the example of the railroads built , and 2. Power, through the way the Canadian government set up the racist tax system to discourage Chinese from coming to Canada.\

Remember, you are commenting on the situation from the Cartier cross erecting painting.  Please see your assignment sheet for more details.  If you do not have this, please look in the blue hanging file folder, under HISTORY, to find the handout.

The last item that you will need to see on the blog relates to a short quiz you have today.  It is based on one of the definitions listed below.  There is only 1 question you have to answer.

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