Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A post Coding classroom, returning to resilience, generating questions, tonight's homework

As soon as the results of the Coding (EdApp Hack) competition are in, I will let you know if one of our two teams is moving forward.

During a lot of our Language periods over the past few weeks, we had been putting a lot of our energy into preparing for our presentations.  With the quarter finals of the competition being done, we are now able to return to some of the work he were on pause from.

Before Friday, I will be sending a memo home for students who have a number of homework items not completed.  The memo will look like this and have a space to list off the items which need to be completed.

One of the items we were discussing concerned the idea of resilience, or the ability to bounce back from a difficult situation or moment.  I received this handout, I am not sure from where, but it will be used in a journal response.  I was going to do it today, but found there was value in listening to what the students understood from each bit of wisdom.  Rather than rush to complete a task, it is more important that the students connect with it and then attempt to write about it.

I know it is not entirely clear, but each student has this handout.  The prompts on the side are intended to help them start the writing process.  Once we go through all of the ideas, I will show them a sample piece of writing, which I will model.  The quotes beside some of the quotes come from the students.

In History, both classes participated in generating questions relating to a subsequent viewing of the animate film, E.

We will sort the questions into the 4 categories (beginner, detective, judge, inventor), in a subsequent class.

- Diorama project due on Friday, April

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