Tuesday, April 5, 2016

EdAppHack images from Parkview Banquet Hall

The tables of this morning's presenters were set up in th Parkview Banquet Hall.  We were at tables 1 & 2.  Here are some images with the two groups presenting to the judges.  I was so proud of the group of 6 who showed up, early to school, to be part of this exciting, collaborative project.

A toast, before the competition begins!

The only two representatives for this group, Tony and Nat, talking with the First Round judge.

Reid, explaining to the first round judge.

Avery, talking with the second round judge.

Tony, with the second round judge.

According to my daughter, pictured below and also at  the competition, the results of this preliminary round will be out this coming Monday.  Stay tuned.

Tony, with a glass stuck on his mouth.  Kidding.

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