Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Presenting my problem and attempt at using Marvel, some Integer examples, and intorducing the subtraction of integers

 The preceding sketch is based on a recent problem I had with my family while we attempted to check-in for a flight on Caribbean Airlines.  The use of  the charts and squares was my attempt and trying to map out my app.  Ideally, I should have used marvel to develop it some more, but I ran into some technical difficulties.  Here are the images I uploaded:

I added a tutorial for the portion of the project, we are currently working on in the helpful links section, to the right.  Sarah was very helpful working with our groups.  Shucks, I forgot to capture some images of the students at work.

What you will need to work on is developing an idea of how the app looks and functions.  Sarah will be visiting our class and will offer some guidance.

As a way of reviewing and preparing for our Integer test on addition, let us look at a few videos, before doing some review in class:

So, here is a video recapping some of the work we have done, using number lines, to add integers.

Jade, reviewing for the Math test

This tutorial sheet was handed out, along with some introductory homework.  When this was assigned, the students were told to write this in their agenda. Please ask your son or daughter to see the agenda to make sure they are in the habit of using the agenda.

This was not handed out, but from a note I prepared before the March Break.

Tutorial sheet.  Questions for homework are on the back.


Pink Math sheet: # , 3, 5, 7, 9

Outstanding homework (check homework chart)

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