Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jump Rope for Heart information, YouTube videos on Translations (for 7s)

Mr. Moye's annual fitness afternoon, with 100s of skipping ropes, is almost upon us.  The students received this information today:

details for our event at AMG

To give a visual overview of where we are going, I uploaded these 2 YouTube videos.

I am very impressed with the speed the Grade 7s have picked up on the exercise in Transformations.  

We looked at Reflections and Translations.  I gave the students the coordinates to plot the shapes on the grid and then they had to follow the instructions. 

In the case of the square, it moved over to the right 3 times (+3) and then moved down nine spaces (-9).

The triangle was reflected along the x axis.

Reflection and Translated square

Daijohn helping Mattai

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