Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Starfish Throwers assignment: Success Criteria, Mr. P's initial modeling , Level 3 + results for a Grade 7 quiz, a Probability experiment with a coin, Reflections and Translations

A more formal copy of the assignment related to The Starfish Throwers was handed out yesterday.

Based on the initial homework, handed out 2 days ago, where the students had to write jot notes relating to the Retell and Relate portion of the documentary.  Some of the students may have missed details relating to the movie.  I have suggested looking on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) to help reference or remember the main characters of the film:

This is what the Success Criteria chart for this assignment looks like:

In an attempt to model the writing for this assignment, I wrote some jot notes on the board for each of the sections of the assignment.  I realize I posted these before, but these photos are clearer.

Contains brief information on the Retell, but the Relarte is missing

The initial questions for the assignment
So, here is the first draft of my assignment:

You will note that my paragraph has not been written out.  I have jot notes that I will turn into sentences shortly.  
UPDATE:  as of 9:54 p.m.

I decided to create the rough draft of the paragraph, based on the jot notes I made earlier today.  There may be edits to it the work, but it is a first draft.


On a different note, here are the results of a Geometry mapping quiz:

The Grade 8s are also in the middle of a Probability unit.  I used one of the questions from their homework the other night for an experiment.  The idea involed flipping a coin three times and recording the results.  Theoretically, these results could happen:

Moving from left to right, this tree diagram illustrates the possible results when flipping a coin.  First it may he Heads or Tails.  Depending on that result, you flip again and may end up with Heads or Tails.  Depending on that result, you flip again and may end up with Heads or Tails.  Once this is done, you follow the "line of  possibilities" and will end up with three letters, which represent the possible outcomes.  This is Theoretical Probability

According to the statistics, out of the 8 outcomes, these are the percentages of possible results.  For example, 2H 1T means 2 heads and 1 tail.
In Grade 8 Math, the students need to understand the difference between Theoretical and Experimental Probability.  After I demonstrated the theory behind tossing the coin 3 times, the students then tossed the coin three times and repeated this for a total of 5 samples.  Really, the sample should be much larger than this, but I just wanted to give the students a sense of what the two different forms of Probability were like.

Drile's experiment
We will continue to follow this unit by trying to integrate the two forms of Probability.  

For Grade 7 Math, we have moved into Transformations, as I have mentioned before.  We did an exercise today and Diego managed to get all of the questions correct.  We will use it as a point of reference:

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