Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grade 8 Probability Games, Weather, Mindsets, and The Giver quartet of novels

Why should the Grade 7s have all the fun?

We began to explore some of the avenues that are a part of Grade 7 Geometry.  Student volunteers came up to the board to plot the following points on the grid:

In the photo of David and Mattai, they are pictured playing a game in Quadrant 1.  It is sort of a Tic-Tac-Toe game.  We will eventually play a game where we plot items in all 4 quadrants.  This is where having knowledge, comfort, and understanding with Integers will make this easier.

Here are some Probability games the Grade 8s will play today to immerse them  in the fun of learning about Probability.

 This game was played yesterday and needs to be concluded today.  It is a game using dice to test the differences between Theoretical and Experimental Probability.

I am going to review some more games online and then check out some lessons from Promethean Planet (where the lessons sometimes from for the board I use in class) and move forward from here.

The following images are from the definition we looked at about what Probability is.  The value between 0 and 1.0 can be broken down into decimals, fractions, or percentages.  We used the figure of 0.8 or 80% in relation to the coming of rain yesterday (my Track practice was rained out!).

Here is the most recent weather for our area.  Note the P.O.P.. This refers to the Probability of Precipitation.

On another note, we came close to concluding our Community Circle exercise on the Mindsets, as outlined in the YouTube video by Carol Dweck.  Here is a panoramic shot of our circle discussion:

We have completed reading Gathering Blue in The Giver quartet.

We are now on the third book.

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