Thursday, April 2, 2015

Integer number line activity and Post Easter catch up


Much like the number line, pictured above and on the Youtube video, we set up the floor so each student would have the opportunity to answer an addition question.

Here is a question being solved:

On the recent homework sheet, the backpage of questions on adding Integers should be solved.  Most of the class did this already and a few are encouraged to complete it.  We will do some review when we return after the long weekend, have a quiz, move on to subtracting Integers, and then into the unit on Geometry.  

Being able to understand Integers is key in this next unit.  
Yesterday, a short unit on Spelling was due.  It was based around many of the words associated with the article on Electronic Cigarettes.  One part of this assignment involved exploring how the students felt about the topic.  I postponed this because we have not yet explored the topic in detail.  I wanted to look at the videos I posted a few days ago and provide the opportunity for the students to explore the ideas in some deeper level through some group Reading Comprehension  activities.

I will update this over the weekend with some information relating to the Strength Based Resilience program.  Have a great Easter and long weekend.

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