Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Review of the Plane and moving into the 4 quadrants, Mr. P's Reading Response, photos from yesterday's Track Day, and a link for Probability games

just kidding

An image from homework takeup:

Here is a review game we will play that now looks at all 4 quadrants of the "map."

link to game:

I have wanted students to spend some more time working on the Reading Responses.  From my observations, they were being rushed through too quickly.  I posted a sample that I did and went through it, step by step.  It is due tomorrow, but I think I will allow it to be due on Monday in case any students want to make changes to it and not rush to complete it for tomorrow.

posted on the front board
article from one of the Toronto free newspapers

My response.  It may not be an A+, but it is at least a Level 3

Here are some shots of the 7s and 8s in action at yesterday's school meet.

As an introductory review for the Grade 8 unit on Probability, I am going to use the Internet Review chart to have the students be responsible for completing this once they have selected and played a variety of games involving Probability.

from Mrs. MacIntosh's website
here is the link to the page:

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