Friday, April 10, 2015

Subtracting of Integrers: It can be tricky!

I was reviewing the use of the number line I introduced the students to two days ago.  While it is correct, based on the logic from the original page,, I find it a little confusing when we think about what Subtraction is.

I would like to propose another model based on a slide show from this page:

As a subtraction question, it would look like this:  (-2) - (-10) =?
This translates as:  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN (-10) AND (-2)??

In our lesson, we will use the number line to help solidify this concept more. 

Here is a handout I created to help summarize 2 possible approaches to understanding how you subtract Integers.
Here is another review we did.  This question was prompted by Diego:

Here are some excellent Math results from the recent tests in Grade 7 and 8:

I plan to do a recap of  the work we have done so far on being mindful and explore another exercise.  I did some rethinking about my approach to this exercise and thought I would share a YouTube video related to the topic.  Hopefully the concepts won't be too complex for the class to understand.  The talk, by Carol Dweck is called the "Power of Yet."

We watched half of the video and will return to it early next week.


-final spelling dictation on Monday from e-cigarette list
- Grade 8 photo retakes on Friday, April 17

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