Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pink Day @ AMG, Deepening our understanding of Integers, and returning to e-cigarettes

Several of our Pink Day t-shirts designs from Room 52

Today we had our Pink Day celebration/assembly.

Designed as a day to raise awareness about the importance of acceptance, developing respect, and working to end gender based violence and bullying, the Pink Day assembly brought both The Grove and AMG together.

The Grade 7s had to record this note, along with drawing the following two charts:

Using and understanding how addition (and later, subtraction) work on a number line is important to deepening our understanding.  The preceding two images, taken from, build on the exercise we did last week where we used bodies and pylons to do this on our imaginary number line that we drew on the floor:
For the Grade 8s, we are getting ready to wrap up our work on angles.  I am still contemplating a smaller portion on exploring the Pythagorean Theorem, but we still need to cover the Data Management and Probability unit.  Our final review for this particular portion of work looks like this:

This was copied onto a piece of paper and handed out as review homework last night. It will be taken up today.

At the time of writing this, I am hoping to return to our initial discussion around e-cigarettes in the 2 English periods this afternoon.  I will follow up on this, when I post later on today.  
an interesting commentary
Yes!  We began to work on this work.  To introduce another level of comprehension , I introduced the students to Bloom's Taxonomy.  How it works -- and this is really a brief introduction -- is like this:  Imagine making the perfect sandwich.

I have taken some questions inspired by Bloom's Taxonomy  and combined them with some of the questions from the What in the World article on e-cigarettes (  The students are working in groups to answer the questions.  We will then review the questions and follow up by doing another set of questions that will count towards an Reading mark.

Both grades have Math tests.
The Grade 7 test is on ordering Integers and the Grade 8 test is on angle relationships.  

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