Sunday, April 19, 2015

Track and Field video posts: Triple Jump, Relay exchanges

Although not part of the regular classroom instruction, I will be using this blog to post some YouTube videos that I will be using for the coaching of the Grade 7 and 8 Track and Field team.

Develop your Triple Jump:  a basic introduction.

Here is Niki Panetta in slow motion:

Here is a video of the baton exchanges in a 4x100m relay event.  We will look at 2 races.  Note that baton passes are usually known as "push passes."  Here are a couple of images of this type of pass:

Baton passes happen in Exchange Zones that are 20 metres long.  A relay exchange should happen when both athletes are travelling close to their maximum velocity.  Here is an image of the exchange zones on a Track:

 You are allowed to exchange the baton anywhere in that 20 m zone.

Now, in the 4x400m, the exchanges are much slower, due to the distance being run and the fatigue felt by the athletes. The baton passes are typically overhand passes.

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