Thursday, April 9, 2015


This was an exercise we did last week that related to Mindfulness.  This is attached to the Strength Based Resilience program created by Tayyab Rashid, Afroze Anjum, and Jane Gillham.

To quote and paraphrase from the workbook, Mindfulness involves neing aware of the "...flow of our thoughts and emotions without acting" [giving us an ability' ... to see a wider perspective" on a matter or matters."  Being mindful allows a sense of acceptance of things "...we cannot change and enables us to see what can be changed" (pp.9-10).

Here are some of the thoughts on what Mindfulness, according to the students in Room 52.

Although it is difficult with the limited schedule and time I see the class, we will move forward with the Strength Based Resilience program. I think it is important.  We are going to revisit a topic we have explored earlier in the year, but I don't want to name it; I don't want to spoil the surprise.

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