Monday, April 27, 2015

Hot Dogs, Hot Docs, Internet Learning accountability

This will be third year in a row that the Senior Division will be hosting screenings of some exciting documentaries courtesy of the Hot Docs for Schools program.  One of the films will be the source of some writing we will be doing this week:
We began a Community Circle around the theme of:  what you are thankful for & how you would like to make a contribution to make the world a better place.  Here is a panoramic shot of the circle in action:

Onto Grade 8 Math.  Last week I had posted a link of games for the students to play in relation to the unit we are exploring on Probability.  The students then had to be responsible for writing up on 3 of those games and describing what they learned.  I will be using one of those games as a review of the work we have done so far in the unit.  Here is the example I did:

It is a modifiable spinner.  I designed it (you can change the number of spaces, but the colours can only be used once) to replicate a question that was done in the homework.

To be continued.

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