Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Summary writing, paragraphing, Success Criteria for Stereotyping assignment & a sample response the danger of the "single story"

Manoj Nair & summarizing

Using videos to assist with teaching can be a real plus, especially when they are good.  Manoj Nair grew up in both Singapore and England, but calls Singapore home.  Singapore is known as an island-state.  https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Singapore/@1.314715,103.5668226,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x31da11238a8b9375:0x887869cf52abf5c4!8m2!3d1.352083!4d103.819836

While looking for a video on summarizing, I came across Manoj's video for a work a work of fiction.  We will be using the article on food waste from What in the World  for our summary.  I think we may do this as a group activity since this may be your first time.  It is a little complicated at first, but you will learn as you practice more and more.  Based on our time today, we will not get to this until Wednesday or Thursday.

One of the main things you should know, before summarizing, is what the main idea is of the item you are writing.  Here is a fun idea on the main idea from a Flocabulary video:

We will talk about this some more and break down and look a little closer at some of the big ideas that are really important in writing a summary.  Think of it as a mechanic checking out the parts of a car to make sure he or she knows what is going on, so the car can run efficiently!



Developing this skill is something that needs to be done for both Summary writing and the assignment related to Stereotypes.    A classic template for this form of writing is the hamburger paragraph:

In class, we will check out a few samples and then take a look at this game, which you can play on your own, at home.

Classic Paragraph song from YouTube:

Stereotyping assignment Success Criteria:

UPDATE:  Here is a sample for this assignment, which follows the items in the Success Criteria:

I think there are 5 supporting details and 1 Introductory and Concluding sentence.

As part of a cautionary note on the idea of a "single story," a couple of examples were put up on the board.  By the end of the day, I hope we can add a few more:

Spelling reminder:  a short sentence review

We are taking an easy introduction into our Spelling unit.  The 20 words on our first list are based on a lot of words that students had difficulty spelling.  At the end of the unit, I asked the students to write some sentences, using the list words.  Here is a small sample of how this might look:


Rough copy of Stereotype assignment due on Friday in Language notebook
Spelling final dictation and sentences due on Friday in Language notebook