Wednesday, December 7, 2016

answers for Tuesday's homework & attempting to make the Math more concrete, Homework reminders, HPE and exploring stereotypes, Eglinton Crosstown statistics, Viola Desmond graces the $10 bill

Please check your homework answers.  I apologize for the pages not be as clear as they could be.  For those who have not finished this, you need to do it and hand it in to me.

This is one of the questions that I worked out, with Ella, Daphene, and Shandy.

Superman, Bizzaro, and the King Henry chart
Think of this chart as being on two sides.  The Power of 10 on one side being for greater than 1 and being less than 1. This is why I keep talking about Bizarro and Superman!

Some images to assist with our chart

I was trying to think of concrete ways to explain this.  I like to find real-life examples to show how Math relates to everything.  At first I came up with some drawings on the board, but I found those confusing, so I went back to the drawing board:

Example 1:

1.0 divided by a 0.1
Example 2:

A 100 m race divided into 10 sections, or a tenth, along with the times.  From
Example 3 & 4:

Something worthy of review:

Health (as part of the Health and Physical Education program)

**UPDATE:  Unfortunately, we did not get to this topic due to the review for a Math quiz and some reading from our class novel.  We will look at this on Friday.

In the Health curriculum, there is a section on assessing the effects of stereotypes.  Stereotypes are very damaging to how people relate to one another and it happens on a regular basis.  This unit will cross over with aspects of the Language program.  We will begin with some short, jot note like, homework tonight.

In addition to this note, we will take a look at this video to prime the thinking that will be necessary throughout this unit.  This one concerns the stereotypes of African men, which is too simple to say, since Africa is a continent and not a country.

Tunnel Boring machine:  I wanted to use these stats for a quiz, but I forgot

This is kind of a cool machine.  I wanted to use some real life statistics for a Math test, but forgot to.  Here are some interesting stats:  diameter of 5.75m and works at a rate of 10m/day.  You can track the progress of the machine at this website:

Where is this construction taking place?  For this answer and a whole lot more, check the following site out:

Viola Desmond:  The new face of Canada's $10 bill

This is the face of the new $10 bill in Canada.  It is the first Canadian woman to appear on a Canadian bill.