Friday, December 16, 2016

Dress Rehearsal images from Dovercourt 2016 Holiday concert, our evening performnace, and weekend Homework

2016 Holiday Concert:  Dovercourt PS

Our talented Strings students

getting ready to go backstage

Raise the Roof!

Night performance:  getting ready for the curtain to be drawn!

From Miriam's Dad:

Thanks for coming out, on such a snowy evening.

view from 28 at concert's end


Quiz on Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten:  The new date will be on Tuesday, December 20 so Mr. P can do a review on Monday

Math homework (2 pages on large numbers)

Here is a sample question we reviewed, prior to the work being handed out:

Open-book Reading Comprehension questions on What a waste article, which everyone should have in the Language section of binder/duotang (posted in Proudfoot Institute link off Blog) 

continued efforts to encourage the habit of using the agenda...
have a great weekend!