Friday, December 9, 2016

Items from Friday, late Sunday apology, Monday's work on Stereotypes, Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi, and David's presentation

A couple of journal samples from Food Waste article:

Returning to summarizing

This will likely be an activity for Monday, or later on in the week, but I thought I would post a video on one of the skills we will learn.

HEALTH:  Developing our understanding of Stereotypes:

We began this discussion on Friday with a small discussion about what we thought we knew on the topic and then recorded the definition down to have a real understanding of what it means to Stereotype.

I managed to get caught up with a lot of work this weekend and did not make this post as early as I would have liked.  I hope this did not cause a lot of you any difficulty or confusion and I have to apologize because I said I was going to post an example of the homework you were supposed to complete.

I introduced you to two scenarios and started to write an example of jot notes and a mindmap on the board.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of those notes, but fortunately, I have an example here for you to look at.  Unfortunately, it is quite late on Sunday and many of you may be asleep.  Fortun...just kidding.

Here are a couple of examples from the initial ideas I had on the board.  I will review them on Monday.

The note, from the front board, is here.  I thought I took a photo of it on Friday.  There are some slight variations from the note I posted last night.

Stereotypes can be very limiting when we make assumptions about the people we meet.  On Friday, the teachers participated in a workshop that explored some of these ideas.  We watched a selection from a video, featuring the author Chimamanda Ngozi who talked about the danger of the single story.  We will not watch the whole story, but only a few minutes and make a connection with some of the things we have talked about in class.

This video will be shared on Tuesday, but I thought I would connect it to our discussion on stereotypes by looking at this simple visual:

Using Media (news and film) to explain some of the components of the Social Studies Inquiry project:

Over the last couple of weeks, we watched a couple of short films and a news item about the Hip Hop group, A Tribe Called Red ( to explore some of the key areas of understanding for the project:  Developing a sense of place of your community, recognizing the different experiences community members, being able to identify barriers and possible experiences with discrimination, locating and developing some early research skills to discover information about the pioneers of your community in Canada or Toronto.  

Thanks, David:

Today, David did a short presentation on his experience with being diagnosed and living for a period of time with Leukemia.  Since September, he has asked if he can do this and recently completed a presentation, which he shared with the class.  He also answered some really great questions from his classmates.  Way to go, David!  That was an inspiring story and a great measure of your resilient spirit.

UPDATE:  The actor from the film Deadpool dedicated his Critics Choice award to two patients, who lost their lives to Cancer.  This was announced yesterday.  Here is the news footage from Global:


Extension of Social Studies project:  Thursday, December 15, 2016
Health Jot Notes or Mind-map, if the work was not completed on the weekend in Language notebook.

I hope you enjoyed the snow on Sunday.  Some of you seemed to have enjoyed shoveling.