Thursday, December 1, 2016

Math Homework from Wednesday, some images from our Scientist in the School visit.

Math textbook answers

This is textbook work all of the students were expected to attempt.  It was corrected and the results put up on the board for all to check.  Please make sure you have done this, so you will know what to do when you are being evaluated on this topic.

Scientist in the School:  Christina

I am not sure if all of these videos will upload, but I am going to do this first, so you can get a sense of the fun and learning we had in the room.  After, I will upload the images.

Christian directed me to a website, which I haven't checked out yet, about the brain.  It is especially designed for students on making matters of Neuroscience more accessible.

Recent addition to Booktalk Art:

Can you spot the new work of Art?

to be continued...