Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Comparing Units: Learning from the Teacher workshop, Place Value review, scanned Math homework

Measurement and being able to compare

During a Math workshop today, the teachers discussed aspects of the Measurement strand.  Mr. Toale suggested that we consider the BIG IDEA of comparing one attribute with another attribute (a certain quality).

At this point, we are doing some review work in Number Sense using the Place Value chart.  Even though we are dealing with numbers, there is still the element of measurement.  If we could quantify some of the examples below, it might help with our understanding.   since we are comparing values.  We have used the Base 10 blocks to assist us with understanding that the following items represent  certain things:

As we move to the right, the values are becoming TEN times larger.  Think of the values, moving from the left to right, as
 1 cent,  10 cents, and 1 dollar.  A different unit of currency is a good example of how items have a different value by still a part of the same unit of money.   

Unfortunately, I do not have enough Base 10 "1.0" in the classroom to represent $10, $100, or  $1000.  I can offer a couple of examples of the pattern behind the values increasing:

This image, paying attention to the numbers in the middle, demonstrates what happens when we multiply the term by 10.  Simply, we are adding a zero, to the digit.  I believe the list of numbers on the far left corresponds to the exponent value.
For example:

The other example continues our example of money, but the values are being multiplied by 10, but 100.
Here is our trusted friend -- I don't even know his name! -- from Math Antics, to outline some important parts of understanding Place Value.

For the more musically inclined, check this one.  It will review some of the concepts we have learned:  Standard Form, Expanded form and in words.  There are countless videos on YouTube and I could upload videos upon videos, but that would be overwhelming.  Spend some time, on your own, checking out the great things available on YouTube to help supplement some of the things we do in class.

Scanned Math homework pages:  pp.41-42 # 1-8